About Us

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Samaritan Caregivers Inc. is a provider of varied non-medical home care services to our clients in Calgary and the surrounding locations. Our services are ideal for all ages including but not limited to children, adults, and seniors who are bound due to their medical conditions.

We aim to make the lives of those we serve as comfortable and as easy as they can possibly be. As such, we look after their health and safety in the best way that we can. At the same time, we also make sure that our clients receive the required assistance from caregivers who are perfectly suited for their specific responsibilities.

  • Our MissionTo bring peace of mind, comfort, and care satisfaction to both our patients and their families, knowing that they are going through a difficult time with their health.

We understand that caring for your family member is challenging. However, we are here, always ready to extend our support for your peace of mind. Feel free to check our care services or call us at 403-991-5202 to talk to our staff about your care options.

Privacy Policy

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