Senior Care

old couple sitting on the grass

Samaritan Caregivers Inc. knows how much of a struggle it is for senior parents to move around the house, perform household chores, or even take care of themselves. At times, they end up unable to dress themselves, let alone get into the shower without the risk of losing their balance – thereby disregarding their own personal hygiene.

Our caregivers are trained to look after your senior parents and helping them with their personal hygiene, as well as other day to day tasks. We assist them with various chores and activities of daily living, ensuring their comfort and safety within the home.

The services included in the senior care plan will depend largely on the assistance required by your aging loved ones. A home assessment will help us identify such needs and address them accordingly. The care plan will be implemented by our caregivers, treating your loved ones with dignity and respect.

Call us at 403-991-5202 to know more about the senior care services that we can offer to your loved ones at home. You may also set an appointment with us online.

Caregiver and senior smiling together