Independent and Recreational Living

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We’ll be with you wherever you need us to be.

Although it is already a common part of most daily routines, not everyone is fond of doing errands. It is another inconvenience that adds up to the list chores to be done daily. Moreover, this task is twice as hassle for patients and for people with limited mobility. Aside from this, not only do they find errands challenging to do, but they also find it hard going to appointments or even just to take a stroll.

In order to lighten the burden of patients, we provide assistance and accompaniment to:

  • Doctor’s Appointments
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Shopping at the Mall
  • Dance Class
  • Short Day Trips to Parks
  • And More

Here is about Accompaniment to malls, doctors appointments, grocery shopping short day trips to parks and dance classes to promote wellbeing and good health.

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